Entity-relationship-oriented programming

How I agree with Dafydd Rees when he writes:

Most Java and C# programmers have no idea how to do object-oriented programming.

They’re really doing entity-relationship-oriented programming. Trouble is, they’re in the majority so they form a self-reinforcing group that take for granted knowledge and skills that they don’t even realise that they don’t have.

Aaand… I’m afraid I was in the E-R-oriented camp until not long ago. Now I’m beginning to see how how objects should work.

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  1. Andrea Cerisara Says:

    I’m probably in the camp too. Can you tell me how you’ve changed your mind?

  2. matteo Says:

    Francesco Cirillo’s workshop on emergent design is a big part of it. But it’s not just that isolated incident; many sources that I like and trust point in that direction. Like Misko Hevery, Robert Martin, Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce. The hexagonal architecture as well. And the fact that now that I know a bit more about objects I see that I’m getting better in writing code that can be easily extended.

  3. Andrea Cerisara Says:

    I absolutely have to raise some money for a F. Cirillo’s workshop :-)
    However, I think that it’s really easy to end up in a E-R-oriented programming (at least for me),
    depending on what type of application you’re building (web development for instance…I’m also thinking about Rails or Active Record pattern in general).

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