Roles, stereotypes, kinds of objects

I’ve been thinking lately about the ways that different authors explain OOP. I’ve drawn a little diagram that I would like to share with you.

The sources for this are, in no particular order:

Each of these authors has a perspective I find useful. I would love it if there was a comprehensive, single model, but so far I can’t see how to systematize them.

It gets weirder when you start collecting design principles… I might do a mind map of those some day. Somehow I can see how SOLID and GRASP (for instance) are compatible. They are pointing in the same general direction, but from different angles.

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  1. Jacopo Says:

    Recommended reading on the topic is Wirfs-Brock’s “Object Design” book, expecially introductory chapters on roles, responsibilities and object collaborations:

    Also, here’s a quick report on SOLID and GRASP principles I wrote some time ago:


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