Antonio Ganci on design

My friend and former Sourcesense collegue Antonio Ganci posted an article (Italian) that describes exactly what I meant in A Frequently Asked TDD Question and its followup. It’s about what you can accomplish if you’re really good at design.

It’s in Italian, so I will report here in English the main points: Antonio is the main developer for an application. He had the most crazy change requests from his customers, like:

  • All user-visible text should be uppercase,
  • There should be an offline mode for working at home
  • Users with Vista or newer OS should see a WPF user interface, the others should get normal Windows Forms
  • Change rounding from 2 to 4 digits everywhere
  • Log every data modification

He reports that some of these changes were done in less than half an hour. Quite a feat, and Antonio seems proud of his design. I think he has good reasons to be proud!

Antonio does not say how he did that, but we can guess that the key is the Once and Only Once rule. If there’s a single place where you print/compute/store a number, it’s very easy to change precision. If you have some sort of builder to generate the user interface, it’s not terribly expensive to generate a WPF interface instead of a Windows Forms one.

Once and Only Once: there should be a single authoritative place in the code where each concept is represented. How do you get to OAOO? One part of the story is to remove duplication. Never write the same concept in two places, that is, keep DRY. The other part is to write expressive code: don’t write “a+b”, write what you mean by “a+b”: what does it mean in terms of the application? That’s the Once, and the Only Once.

Bravo Antonio.

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