Throwing the baby with the bathwater

I was talking with a customer recently, who complimented us because the software we are producing is stable. He also said that one important goal of this project is to write something that is easy to mantain and extend.

At the same time, he was adamant that we should stop doing things like pair programming, and estimating user stories with the whole team, because these things “slow us down”.

Ahem. If you want good quality code, you better apply these practices, for they are meant for producing quality code. :-) Of course we will continue doing all these practices, for we think it’s best for the project.

2 Responses to “Throwing the baby with the bathwater”

  1. fnicola Says:

    Let me guess… italian customer? :-)

  2. matteo Says:

    Yes… But are you sure these things don’t happen elsewhere? :-)

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