Growing an XP team

I was invited to speak at Better Software 2009, a conference that will happen in Florence on May 6 and 7. I will talk about “Growing a Team”, which is what happened in my professional life in the last two years. I will talk about what happens when you decide you *really* want a team that works well. I will not say “when you decide you want an *agile* team”; that is not the goal. The goal is to have a *great* team, in the sense that James Shore explains. Of course, the best way I know to go in that direction is to do Extreme Programming.

My team started in 2007 with 3 people, and has grown to 12-13 people today. The growth has been along more dimensions other than size, of course. We’ve all learned a lot in these two years; the way we worked two years ago is not the same as how we work now.

I’m flattered that I was invited, given the company I will be in: look at the speakers! I’m very much looking forward to this conference. I hope to see you too.

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  1. Federico Feroldi Says:

    Ciao Matteo,
    inanzi tutto voglio farti i miei complimenti per la tua talk, è stato un piacere ascoltarti ed è stato entusiasmante vedere tutte le pratiche che usate in SourceSense. Mi chiedevo se fosse possibile scaricare le slide da qualche parte! :)

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