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Tim Case scrive:

… I’m happy to report that the I’ve moved well beyond the Rails learning curve, and into the world of Rails nirvana. I’m doing things now about a billion times faster than when I first started and it feels really, really, really good. The thing that first got me into Ruby is when programmers described it as a language that made it really fun to program in, and right now I have to say between Ruby and Rails I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had as a developer. If you’re still learning Rails and finding that things take longer than you expected while you are learning don’t worry just give it time and eventually it will come. Rails is amazing but even the amazing takes a bit of time to grasp.

Rails è divertente! Ruby è divertente! Anche se all’inizio si fa un po’ fatica ad “entrarci”.

Jim Weirich nella sua presentazione di Rails mostra una slide che dice

Rails maximizes programmer …

(pausa ad effetto; qualcuno bisbiglia ‘productivity’ )

… happiness!

Chad Fowler, autore di “My job went to India and all I got is this lousy book”, intervistato da Geoffrey Grossenbach sul Ruby On Rails podcast:

Geoffrey: One of the big things people are excited about with Rails is it’s making possible for small teams to produce really killer web sites that would have previously taken ten or twenty programmers, and… definitely in India many programmers are put on different jobs. Do you think Rails is a threat in general worldwide for programmers, because a lot fewer programmers are needed, or is this an opportunity for people to take advantage of?

Chad: I think it’s an opportunity for great programmers. Rails is not the first technology to come along to help people to be more productive; I mean, look back at the first online store, created by a programmer’s company, written in Lisp, using continuations and all kinds of advanced features. They were able to do things like change the running application on the fly … There are some ultra-productive technologies available and they have been for a long time, to develop this kind of things with small teams. But what you won’t find is the mediocre programmers, that really our industry is rampant with right now. You won’t find them developing killer web sites with small teams, whether they’re using Rails, J2EE or PHP. What you will find is the remarkable programmers, using a remarkable technology, to do remarkable things. And I don’t believe that represents a threat in terms of the job market. Because what we’re talking about is a very special, focused group of people; a very small percentage of the programmers available.

Gente, sentire queste cose fa venir voglia di fare. Let’s make a difference!


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