Matteo Vaccari

Matteo Vaccari

It is possible to write software that solves real business problems, cheaply and reliably. The recipe is well known, even though it's not easy to do.

I am an Extreme Programmer. I help individuals, teams and organization become more effective. I'm lucky to work as a developer for ThoughtWorks, mostly in the Milano area. I used to teach at Università dell'Insubria.

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... Late in a project, such a superreasonable manager will become blaming and say, "I told them that we were to put Function A ahead of Function B, and now they've done just the opposite! Are they stupid or are they deaf?"

What could be more superreasonable—more out of touch with real people—than the belief that everyone listens to, understands and believes every word you say or write? Real communication is noisy. If you wish to be effective, you must make it iterative. Small, relevant feedback is one of the keys to keeping everyone in the same context.

Jerry Weinberg, Quality Software Management Vol. 3, Congruent Action, chapter 15